The committee of communications goes to Jordan!










It’s time for the Committee of External Relations annual trip abroad! This semester we´re travelling to Jordan, an interesting middle east state with neighboring countries such as Syria, Israel and Saudi Arabia but with a satisfying security situation (according to the Swedish State Department). We truly believe that Jordan and its capital, Amman, will give us a lot of possibilities to experience great study visits! The ones going to Jordan will create a travelling group and decide exactly which and what kind of study visits we will do. But examples of visits are NGO:s, other political activists, students from Jordan and journalists. The sky is the limit! Since Petra, on of the seven new wonders, is located in Jordan, we´re also looking forward to a day trip to this historical place!

The price level in Jordan is relatively low compared to Sweden. The cost for flight tickets and housing will be approximately 4 000 SEK and the trip to Petra costs about 1 000 SEK. If you rather want to stay in Amman than go to Petra, it´s of course okay!

We are aiming to departure after 23th of Mars and stay for 4-5 days, but the travel group will decide the exact departure together!

Kind regards