Annual meeting 2018

Dear members,

The summons and meeting documents have been sent out by mail the 8th of April. The documents are in Swedish, but if you have any questions you are welcome to contact

The positions that are going to be appointed are:

Vice President

EKen – 1 president and 5 commissioners
Interpol – 1 president and 5 commissioners
KoMa – 1 president and 5 commissioners
Polmagasinet – 1 president/editor and 5 commissioners
SpAken – 1 president and 5 commissioners
The Committee of Communications – 1 president and 5 commissioners
The Committee of Education – 1 president and 5 commissioners
The Committee of Radio– 1 president and 5 commissioners
The Committee of Webb – 1 president and 5 commissioners
The Master’s Committee – 1 president and 5 commissioners

1-3 auditors

Editor/publisher, Polmagasinet
2 Equality Officials
Band Official
Choir Official
Photography Official
Spex Official

If you have any specific questions about a certain position, don’t hesitate to contact the committee or the presidium.

To candidate for a position you contact the election committee at You can candidate for a position at the meeting as well, but it is easier for the election committee if you submit your candidacy beforehand. It also gives people the opportunity to vote for you in advance. The candidacies will be presented in the Flash on May 2. Note that you can also nominate others for a position.

If you can not attend the meeting and want to candidate for a post you can send your candidacy to the election committee. You should write a short presentation with a motivation and enclose your phone number.

Everyone who has paid the membership fee is qualified to vote during the meeting. As mentioned before you have the right to vote in advance if you are not able to attend the meeting. To do that, you send an email to prior to the meeting. It needs to be very clear who you are voting for. The election committee will determine if the vote is valid. The election committee for this annual meeting consists of Filip Hellberg and Emma Hansen.

Contact if you have any further questions.

If you wish to present a motion to the meeting it needs to be at hand at least one week before the meeting (April 29). Contact the presidium if you have any questions concerning motions.


/ The board of UPS

Tropical Escape Party!




This spring’s big party is finally here! We have gathered Ekonomikum’s finest for one night where people from our different communities come together. We wanted to sunbathe and swim with piña colada, so instead we’re taking the long-awaited vacation to Norrlands nation for a TROPICAL ESCAPE!

Dress as if you were in Bali, Jamaica or Hawaii. Bring out the hula skirt and flipflops to get some of that tropical March feeling.

🌴 LOCATION: Norrlands nation
🌴 TIME: 21-02
🌴 THEME: Tropical escape
🌴 COST: 70 SEK
Plus Giro: PG 400715-9
Swish: 123 451 31 56
NOTE! Mark the payment with your name + tropical. You can only pay for one person at the time.

In the evening we will have a great DJ, no less than DJ Ormos!

Not only that – but for an hour, we will have a democratic dance floor!! Theme for this TBA.

In addition to an exotic dance floor there will be access to beer pong, ping pong, games and limbo!

Norrlands nation also treats us as the fine people we are and will have special tropical drinks in the bar during the evening! ☀️👙🍹

So how do you register for this grand event? You sign up through the form below and pay via Swish or PG no later than on Sunday, 18/3, and the payment has to be marked with your name + tropical. Nation card required.

Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. So do not get left behind!!

ALOHA and SEE YOU THERE greetings from Föreningen Uppsala Medievetare, Föreningen Samvetarna Uppsala, Uppsala Systemvetare och Uppsala Politicesstuderande.

The committee of communications goes to Jordan!










It’s time for the Committee of External Relations annual trip abroad! This semester we´re travelling to Jordan, an interesting middle east state with neighboring countries such as Syria, Israel and Saudi Arabia but with a satisfying security situation (according to the Swedish State Department). We truly believe that Jordan and its capital, Amman, will give us a lot of possibilities to experience great study visits! The ones going to Jordan will create a travelling group and decide exactly which and what kind of study visits we will do. But examples of visits are NGO:s, other political activists, students from Jordan and journalists. The sky is the limit! Since Petra, on of the seven new wonders, is located in Jordan, we´re also looking forward to a day trip to this historical place!

The price level in Jordan is relatively low compared to Sweden. The cost for flight tickets and housing will be approximately 4 000 SEK and the trip to Petra costs about 1 000 SEK. If you rather want to stay in Amman than go to Petra, it´s of course okay!

We are aiming to departure after 23th of Mars and stay for 4-5 days, but the travel group will decide the exact departure together!

Kind regards

UPS for Musikhjälpen 2017!

Every year in December, a charity event called “Musikhjälpen” is arranged by SR (the Swedish public radio) and SVT (the Swedish public television), together with the charity foundation Radiohjälpen. This year the theme is “Children are not for sale” and all the collected money is used to prevent child trafficking. UPS is collecting money for Musikhjälpen, and we would liek to encourage evereryone to donate to our collection. To donate, please follow this link.Omslagsbild MH17

The UPS-day

The inspark may soon be over, but after that there is still a lot to discover within UPS.

On Sunday the 3rd of September, between 1 and 3 pm, UPS will arrange a get active-mingle at Västgöta nation. All the committees of the association will be present to inform about their work and activities, and how you can get active.

We will also elect a new recentior representative – a person studying the first year on the bachelors programme with the task to represent the first year students in the board. Does this sound interesting to you? In that case you are more than welcome to send us a short e-mail telling us why you want and should be recentior representative, to You also have the opportunity to candidate on site.

So come mingle and enjoy some free fika with all of us on Sunday!